How does ContentXpress work?

As a ContentXpress subscriber, you can browse our extensive library of articles by category. Or, if you have a specific idea of what you’re looking for, you can use the search engine on the right.

You are able to download an unlimited number of articles for free, excluding our newest articles that have been added to our library during the last 20 days.

Articles released during the last 20 days

To preserve the quality of our content, a small fee is required to download our newer articles. The price of a unique, freshly written and released 500-word article, is just 1 credit. And, the price is reduced by 0.05 credits per day until the initial 20-day period has passed, when it becomes free-touse for existing subscribers.

In detail:

The cost of a new, 500-word article on the first day it’s added to ContentXpress is 1 credit.

The price falls to 0.95 credits on day two, 0.90 credits on day three, 0.85 credits on day four and so on, until day 21 when it is free to use.

You can preview a small part of our newer articles to assess the quality. However, in order to view the entire article or to download it, you’ll need to add credits to your account. This can be done by selecting the ‘Add credits’ button from the drop down menu.

Article options

When you view each article, you will see 3 links on the right side: Download, Add to cart and Request Rewrite.

Download allows you to download the current article you have open.

By clicking ‘Add to cart’, you can add multiple articles of your choice and then either download them all at once or request a rewrite for all of them at once.

The ‘Request rewrite’ button is to request a rewrite for a single article. If you need to request a rewrite for several articles, we recommend you add them to your cart first and request a rewrite for all your chosen articles at the same time.

Request a rewrite details and charges

By requesting a rewrite, you have the option to select the percentage of the article you would like to be re-written. The options and prices are as follows:

0-20% – 0.003 credits per word
20-40% – 0.006 credits per word
40-60% – 0.008 credits per word
60-80% – 0.010 credits per word
80-100% – 0.015 credits per word

For example, if you were to choose the 20-40% rewriting service for a 400-word article the cost will be $3.20.

When you submit a rewriting job, the amount will be deducted from your account immediately and our writers will be notified of your request. Once the job has been accepted, the writer then has 24hours to complete it. Before you request a rewrite, please ensure you have enough credits in your account to cover your selection.

All content will be rewritten and proofread by Native English speaking writers.

Once your content has been rewritten, you will receive an email notification. Your content will then be available on your “My Orders” page.