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ContentXpress gives you access to 200,000 high quality, value-packed articles that you can use for any purpose.

Use any article as a whole, split it up into multiple pieces, or rewrite it as you see fit. Use the content to create blog posts, email newsletters, social media posts, ebooks, reports, or anything else to help attract more customers and sell more products.

You own the rights to any article you download

As a ContentXpress member, you own the Private Label Rights (PLR) to any of our 200,000 articles you download.

This means you can sell the article and keep all profits, modify the article any way you want, or claim the article as your own work (even if you don’t change a single word).

Need unique content that nobody else has?

We’ll rewrite any article and give you exclusive ownership

We’ll rewrite any of our 200,000 articles so you can offer your customers something that nobody else can!


Our professional native English speaking content writers will deliver a completely rewritten article to you in less than 24 hours.


It’s easy: simply click the “Request a Rewrite” button near any article in our library and type in a description of what you need.


And it’s affordable. You can have an article rewritten for as little as $0.006 per word.

It’s Easy to Start!

  • Create an account

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  • Find an article you can use

    Browse around for ideas or do an advanced search for exactly what you’re looking for

  • Have the article rewritten (optional)

    If you need 100% new and unique content, we’ll rewrite it for you in under 24 hours

  • Download your article

    Sell it, use it as a blog post, create an ebook, and more. The PLR rights are yours as soon as you download

When you request an article to be re-written, the new version of article will be created by our native English speaking writers, within 24 hours. The re-written article/s are exclusive content – created just for you that won’t be available for other ContentXpress users. They will be sent directly to you upon completion.

When you select and download an existing article from our library, you will have the PLR to that content, allowing you to make your own changes and publish it as if it were your own.

10 Ways to Use ContentXpress Articles

  • Use them as blog posts

    Your customers need to know you’re there to provide them value, not just to take their money.

    Keeping an active blog that provides them with valuable information, gives them advice, or even entertains them is one of the best ways to get them coming back to your website.

    Unfortunately, regularly writing blog posts yourself (or hiring someone else to do it) is time consuming and can be expensive.

    Save time and money by using any of our high quality, value-packed PLR articles as your blog posts. This will go a long way in keeping your customers interested in your business and your products.

  • Use them to generate targeted traffic to your site

    When you share valuable information, people will see you as valuable.

    You can use the knowledge and other useful information found in our PLR articles to post in forum threads related to your niche. Or you could write guest blog posts for other blogs.

    Use these opportunities to link back to your website. When people like the information you give out, they’ll come looking for more. Plus, having your link on other websites is a great way to build backlinks, which makes your website more visible in search rankings.

  • Engage with customers through social media

    Social media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) are some of the most important marketing tools to help grow your online business.

    Posting useful content on a regular schedule is essential to keeping people engaged and attracting them to your website.

    Fortunately, keeping a regular posting schedule is a piece of cake with our PLR articles.

    Simply break up an article into multiple small chunks of valuable or interesting information. Then use those chunks as new posts on Facebook or Twitter to keep your business in front of potential customers.

    You can also use our articles to build a following on Youtube and direct them to your website. Create and upload simple slide-presentation videos that present the valuable information contained in our articles.

  • Build your email list by offering an ecourse

    More than ever, online consumers need to know they can trust your business before they’ll buy from you.

    Generously offering them continuous value for free through email is the most effective way to build trust with them and keep them engaged with your business.

    The perfect way to do this is to break up one or a few of our PLR articles into a serialized email course that you send to subscribers piece-by-piece over a period of days.

    This makes them much more likely to be receptive to emails you send them that promote your paid products.

    Offering this ecourse as a sign-up bonus is a great way to attract new people to subscribe to your email list.

  • Use PLR to simplify your Internet Marketing efforts

    Attract new customers by creating free, valuable, downloadable ebooks and reports.

    You can easily create them by compiling content and information from our PLR articles. No need to spend the time writing them yourself (or hiring someone else to do it).

    Creating an ebook or report is pretty darn easy:

    • Decide on the topic (let’s say you choose “learning web design”)
    • Download multiple PLR articles relating to the topic (each one covering different steps involved in designing websites)
    • Sort the articles into chapters
    • Modify the articles to flow well together (if needed)
    • Use word processing software to format the text, add graphics, and create a table of contents
    • Design an ecover* and put it all together into a PDF

    *Quickly create professional 3D ecovers (even if you have zero design experience) at indigitalcover.com, free for ContentXpress members.

  • Create newsletters that keep your business in your customers’ minds

    Guess what? People don’t care about newsletters from businesses–unless those newsletters are personally relevant and valuable to them.

    Newsletters are a lot like blogs in email format. You can use the quality content in our PLR articles to create newsletters that provide real value for your subscribers.

    You’ll build a relationship of trust with them while keeping them interested and up-to-date with your business. It’s an excellent way to promote your products without coming off as a “sleazy salesman”.

  • Create an eBook for the Kindle store

    Ebooks are cheaper, faster, and easier to sell than physical books. And they’ve become so popular that they’re putting brick and mortar bookstores out of business.

    When you publish a Kindle book, you can sell it on Amazon’s marketplace. It will even show up in Google search results!

    See “Convert them into ebooks and reports” above to see the simple steps of creating an ebook.

  • Create podcasts that build trust and gain followers

    Establish a presence in your customers’ lives with podcasts that they can listen to while they’re on-the-go.

    Like blog posts, podcasts help to give your customers valuable information, build trust with them, and keep them interested in your business.

    Simply use valuable content you find in our PLR articles as your podcast speaking material, and occasionally promote your business and products in each episode.

    You can get even more engagement from your listeners by encouraging them to email you comments and questions, which you can reply to in subsequent episodes.

  • Use PLR content to build a forum and a strong reputation

    Creating a forum site based on your specific niche is a great way to get people involved in an active community surrounding that niche.

    Post new forum threads based on content from our PLR articles. Encourage discussion between members and interject with valuable knowledge, insights, and tips.

    You’ll establish yourself as an expert in your niche and people will become interested in what else you have to offer. This is a perfect opportunity to promote your products and services.

  • Use PLR on Community Forums

    Because people interested in your industry want to connect with like-minded associates, they’ll be on the lookout for opportunities to interact and collaborate on ideas linked to your niche. Capitalize on that interest by creating an online forum.

    Keep your new forum fresh by posting your selected PLR content as a discussion starter. Then encourage forum members to brainstorm, discuss, ask questions, аnd contribute tо the discussion.

    Again, this establishes you as the expert and gives you yet another platform to inform and advise others. It’s also another opportunity to promote your products and services.

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