Welcome to your Writer’s Dashboard

As a writer for ContentXpress, you have two ways to earn through the platform:

  1. By rewriting articles previously written by other users.
  2. By writing unique, new articles.

Rewriting articles- how does it work?

Registered users on ContentXpress are able to browse the articles database and request a rewrite of their selected article/s. While requesting a rewriting job, as well as the option to request rewrites of multiple articles, users can also select a specific rewriting percentage and add detailed instructions, such as SEO keywords or style guidelines.

After a user creates a new job, you will receive an email notification. You should then log into your Dashboad and click on the “Jobs” link in the top, dropdown menu, to review the job. There you will see: the number of articles to be rewritten, the word count of each article, specific instructions and the percentage of the article the subscriber would like to be rewritten.

If you are interested in the job, click on the “Accept job” link. Once you click the ‘Accept job’ link, you have just 24-hours to rewrite the article/s.

When you’re done, click Submit work button. The subscriber will receive an email notification. They will then read through the rewritten article/s. If they’re happy with the new article/s, the user hits the accept button and the payment will be sent to your account.

The fees you receive for rewriting are based on the requested rewrite percentage, which are as follows:

0-20% – 0.003 cents per word
20-40% – 0.006 cents per word
40-60% – 0.008 cents per word
60-80% – 0.010 cents per word
80-100% – 0.015 cents per word

For example, if you were to complete a 20-40% rewriting job on a 400-word article, your fee would be $3.20. The total fee for each rewriting job goes directly into your account.

Writing unique articles

Besides rewriting jobs, you can also write and submit your own, unique content. You simply write an article on any topic, of any word count, select a ContentXpress category and submit your work. Your article will be listed on top of the page and notification will be sent to users who opted to receive alerts when new articles are available on ContentXpress.

The price for the article will be set automatically to 0.002 per words. That means a 700-word article will cost ContentXpress subscribers $1.40 for the first 24-hours. The price of article will drop by 5 cents per day, to $1.35 on the second day, $1.30 on the third day and so on, until it becomes free after 20 days.

When a user downloads your article, their payment is automatically transferred into your account. Therefore, if 20 users download an article on the first day, you will earn $28.
The popularity and number of downloads per article, is based on the article quality and subject. The higher the quality of the writing, the higher number of downloads you will receive. The platform is new and right now we don’t have enough, reliable data on which subjects perform the best, so this is something you will have to test for yourself.


It would be best to submit a series of articles. If you want to write a mobile review, write a series of reviews; one for the latest iPhone, one for the newest Samsung, one for Blackberry, etc. This way, if the subscriber is interested in mobiles they are more likely to purchase all of your articles.

Good Luck!