What are the Requirements for Adding a LinkedIn Company Page?

So, we know what a good social outreach tool a Company Page on LinkedIn can be for your business, right? You get the benefits of having a social media profile for your company along with the benefits of being listed in the largest data base of everything that is professional.

Granted, you will need to meet some criteria before you can create a Company page, as requirements for starting a new one go beyond just having a LinkedIn account.Thankfully these requirements have been set up to protect the quality of LinkedIn’s company directory, and in this chapter we will show you what you need to know to join the more than 3 million companies that are now part of the professional community.

You will be required to have a well standing LinkedIn profile

To create a Company Page on LinkedIn, you will first need to be an active and well standing member of the network. Unlike other platforms that will only require you to verify that you are not an internet robot with a simple check and allow you to create company profiles right from the start, LinkedIn will require you to demonstrate that you can keep up with their quality standards.

That means that you will have to create a personal LinkedIn profile that complies with the following requirements before you are enabled to start building a company page:

  • Your profile needs to be older than seven days. You will not be able to create a Company Page with a newly created profile

  • The information in your profile has to match your personal information. When you create a LinkedIn profile, you have to create it using your first and last names. Doing otherwise will not only prevent you from creating Company Pages, but it will also mean that you are in violation of LinkedIn Policies.

  • Your profile strength must show an “Intermediate” or “All Star” status. The “Profile strength” status is shown on the right side of your profile and it ranks your profile based on how robust your profile is. This status will progress as long as you add more information to your profile

You will be required to have multiple connections on LinkedIn 

Company Page administrators on LinkedIn are required to have multiple connections to demonstrate strong networking skills and to also show that the administrator’s profile is not a spoof. In your case it means that you will need to have several connections that are also relevant to your business before you are allowed to create a Company Page.

You will be required to use an email address that is unique to your company

While you can create a personal profile on LinkedIn with your personal email address of choice, you will need to list an email address from your company in your profile when you plan to create a Company Page.

This email address needs to meet the following criteria:

  • It needs to use a domain name that is unique to your company.

  • Domains such as Gmail and Hotmail can’t be used.

  • A domain name can be used to create only one Company Page.

  • It needs to be confirmed in your LinkedIn profile.

You will be required to be listed as an employee in your company

Your current position inside the company that you are creating a Company Page for has to be listed in the “Experience” section of your profile, whether you are a regular employee, a manager or the owner of the company.
These are the requirements that you will need to meet in order to start creating Company Pages, and you should have no problem working on those that you don’t still meet.