How Do you Add a LinkedIn Company Page?

Having a LinkedIn Company Page for your business is your first step to delivering your business related content to LinkedIn members through sponsored content. Adding a Company Page on LinkedIn will only require you to follow some simple steps.
If you’ve just created your LinkedIn account, remember that:

  • Your account has to be older than one week.

  • You have to be listed as the owner or as an employee in the company you’re creating a Company Page for.

  • Your profile must be in good standing.

Once you are sure that you comply with all the requirements, just head over to your LinkedIn dashboard to get started.

Creating a Company Page on LinkedIn is quite an uncomplicated process, but before you get started, check that you have the following things ready:

  • Your Website URL

  • Your personal email address within the company domain. This is your corporate email address

First, you will need to add your corporate email address to your profile and confirm it, in order to use it to create the Company Page. Go to the “account settings” tab in the right top corner of your dashboard and click on “privacy and settings”. You will be taken to your basic account settings. When you’re there, click on “email addresses”. Now click the “add email address” button below.

Enter your corporate email address and click on “send verification”. A verification link will be sent to your corporate email address inbox, so you’ll have to check it, open the email that LinkedIn just sent you and click the link to confirm your new email address. You will then be taken to a page telling you that you just confirmed your email address.

Now go to the menu bar at the top and place your pointer over “interests” and click on “companies”.
This new page is the “companies” dashboard. Go to the menu on your right and look for the “create” button and click on it. Enter the name of your company and your corporate email address in the corresponding fields, click the check box below and click on “continue”.

Now you will have to enter your company information. Fields marked with red asterisks are required fields, so let’s get started. You already selected a name for your company, so now add a description. In the menu on your right, you will need to first specify what type of company yours is. You can select from “public company” all the way through “partnership”, then choose your company size, which is the number of people involved with and employed by it.

Next enter your “Company website URL”. Now select your “main company industry” and your “company status”.
You can optionally enter the year when it was founded and the locations. On your left you will have the “company pages admins” menu.

You will be set as the main admin by default, and you can designate other members and admins by typing their names in the “designated admins” field. Scroll down to enter an image and a logo for your Company Page. Just click on the green plus symbol below each option to browse for an image or a logo in your computer or to upload it from somewhere else.

In “company specialties” you will need to specify each one of your company’s specialties much like you would enter skills in your profile.You can optionally add “featured groups” to your company page by typing the name of a LinkedIn group in the field. Note that you must be a member or the admin of a group to be able to enter it here.
Scroll back up, check that everything is correct and click on “publish”.