Fragrance lamps: A beautiful decoration with an excellent sense of smell.

Every home could use the inviting scent of the holidays, the warming smells of spring or the calming feeling of lavender filling every room. Invite positive feelings into your home with the glow of fragrance lamps. Every year millions of homes around the world are stocked with scented candles that serve as therapeutic reminders of long past memories, romantic encounters and current seasons. Filling the air with these aromatic smells has become an important part of balancing oneandrsquo;s own self while relaxing at home. Although candles can serve their purpose they lack several positives that fragrance lamps can give you.andnbsp; In almost all cases candles lack beauty because they generally come in a clear or tinted glass jar with a color of wax that most resembles the smell of the candle. This does little to attract the eye and beautify a room. Fragrance lamps on the other hand have been manufactured in a myriad shapes, colors and designs to match any dandeacute;cor that you could think of. They range from tortoise fragrance lamps by Stonewick to snow globe style Geo crystal fragrance lamps by Alexandria. Both serve as shining examples of elegance that appeals to those attracted to traditional lamp styles while The Gossamer Wings fragrance lamp by Ne Qwa Art and Redilere Fragrance lamps both resemble contemporary designs that would look at home in a museum.

Another drawback to traditional candles is their short life span. Often a candle is burnt out in a few days and with the extravagant cost of todayandrsquo;s candles even long life cancels fall short with cost effectiveness. Fragrance lamps are designed to burn oil which burns longer, warmer and in some cases they are even formulated with all natural scents. The ability to refuel your fragrance lamp makes the initial investment of the lamp a long term investment which will allow you to get more out of your money. Not only does this help to save money it will also allow you to change the scent of your fragrance lamp to match the seasons or even your current mood. This is a big plus when you think about the savings you can achieve by eliminating the need to buy several different candles for every event. A fragrance lamp eliminates that need and opens up the ability to purchase the oils needed at a fraction of the cost.andnbsp; With the growing popularity of fragrance lamps for home dandeacute;cor itandrsquo;s no wonder that more and more people are throwing away their old lackluster candles for . Their stunning designs and wonderful fragrances are finding their way into homes across the world.