Safety Methods For Painting A Genuine Leather

When people perform leather working projects, they often look for new and innovational ways to make their projects better. One way that people increase the value of their leather projects is to paint the leather. Before you decide to paint the leather for your project, it is very crucial that you know how to properly do so. Here, you will find many tips to help guide you in painting leather.

Leather should be properly cleaned prior to trying to paint it. This is a very important step in ensuring that the paint hold well to the leather. You can clean the leather by mixing equal parts of warm water and bleach that are appropriate for leather. Once you combine the mix and stir it, you should then apply it to the piece of leather that you are working with. You should use a brush that is soft when applying the cleaner to the leather that you are working with.

Once the piece of leather that you are working with is cleaned well, it is essential to allow the item to dry for a minimum of an hour. While the leather is drying, you should flex it in different directions to build the durability of the project. Once the project is dry, you should thoroughly check the leather to ensure that all the dampness is removed prior to painting the leather.

Once you are ready to begin painting the leather working project, you should make sure that you have paint available that will work with the type of leather that you have selected. You can visit a local craft shop to purchase paint for working with leather. Many people; however, select acrylic paint when they are working with leather. Before purchasing the paint, you must make sure that it will work with your project and the type of leather that you have choosen. If it does not, you stand a risk of wrecking the leather piece that you are working with.

The first thing that you should do is to take a small amount of water and mix it with the paint that you are going to use on your leather. You should then apply this mixture over the entire leather piece. This will sort of bond the paint to the leather to guarantee that the paint you put on after this sticks better to the leather. You should thoroughly cover the leather, or all visible signs of the leather.

Once the initial water mix coat is applied to the piece of leather that you are working with, you can then apply your first full coat of paint on the leather. It is very important that you apply the paint on the piece of leather in an even way. Once the paint is applied, you should allow it to thoroughly dry. Once it is dry, you should then flex the leather once again. This will ensure that the leather is sturdy, yet flexible.