To be able to purchase a rewriting service, you must have a suitable credit balance in your account.

When you register for a PRO account you will receive 50 credits which is enough to purchase 6250 words of content with rewriting percentage of 40-60%. If you don’t have any credits, you can add them by clicking on the add credits page.

How does article rewriting work?

By requesting a rewrite, you have the option to select the percentage of the article you would like to be re-written. The options and prices are as follows:

0-20% – 0.003 credits per word
20-40% – 0.006 credits per word
40-60% – 0.008 credits per word
60-80% – 0.010 credits per word
80-100% – 0.015 credits per word

For example, if you were to choose the 20-40% rewriting service for a 400-word article the cost will be 2.40 credits (or $2.40).

Click here to find out what can you expect with each writing percentage